Saturday, January 31, 2015


if i lay here.. If i just lay here...
Would you lie with and just look at the world? 

On our own.

چار دن کی چاندنی
پھر اندھیری دات

A thousand miles away, sleeping peacefully is a home. A home full of promise, made of bricks of memories;of fun times and not. The home we all return to time and time again. The sanctity of it all.

Almost a year. 365 days. A new leaf, new home and a new life. You have it all the way you wanted it to be. 365 days. So many days. so much time. And so many never ending reasons to be thankful.

Lying down in a warm and cosy bed, i recall a letter written long ago ending at تمہارا ابا *. Do you feel the warmth in these two words? This is family and it is love. Now and always.