Monday, March 25, 2013

Of beginnings and end.

So I was young and naive but wasn't that years ago? I thought I had learned from my mistakes. Fixing a routine of convenience I tangoed around life. Memory after memory and yet heart break. This once the murderer is none but myself.

There he was sitting on the side, all quiet and observant. I thought to my self, how far have we come and yet so strange is what we feel. They don't see what we do and they never will. What I am to you and you to me.

The road unravels a strange feeling of belonging as her curls caress the soft curves of her body. He looks into her eyes and just in that particular instant she lets her guard down. Forgetting what she thought would be, she enters the world of endless possibilities.

She expects you to hold her hand yet not state how broke you know, she is. Between will and ability, there is disability. Some part of hers already loves you. The other is merely in denial.

The best friend walks by her side talking about love. Did she not say it happens once in your life? Now it all makes sense. The future beholds only regret and shame.

This time it is I who find my self running from my dreams. Dreams may be dreamt again, hands may become warm again , eyes may penetrate my soul once more but the innocence in me is lost.

She will no longer be yours, just show me what you make of that. Make me believe just for a moment, it wasn't just in my head.

Let her know you loved her, at least back then it was true?