Sunday, February 23, 2014

The beginning.

Scene 1 :

I don't think now is right.
It feels so.

Scene 2:

Now is too soon.
Then will be too late.
Why wait?

Scene 3:

I don't think it will work out right out.
Is that all on your mind?
Not today, today is a happy day!

Welcome to the opening chapter of what feels like the end. 

Just when you think life cant be more f****** it turns out it is. Its my fault, isnt it? To have based my happiness on some one; so dear and yet not. The idea of being with scares me but the thought of never is silently killing me. You know, how the say you are at several places at one time? Tick Tick Tock Tock. F*** F***. I cant breathe mostly. Just want a time out. Take these emotions and burn them up.

The smell of spirit is just so addictive. Do they not see? Oh Lord. The night is darkest before dawn. Save me from myself.

Voulez vouz; Now is all we get.