Friday, December 6, 2013

Past tense.

My eyes are in a constant search of a world. A place where I matter, where you matter, where we all matter. I, no longer want to be a shadow, a lost ray of hope. Half my days I am nothing, the other half don't matter. Nothing is enough.

Even words fall short of me. Words making sentences, hollow empty nothingness of letters. I feel shallow, thoughts choking me, pulling me to a time when there was love. When I wasn't discarded as the unseen, the unfelt. Memories and moments I held above life. My own.

Where are you now? I am alone, I don't feel. I let go of my life, let it lose. I am me and not who you want me to be. I have moved on. The sands of time push me ahead. I am alive but I don't feel you anymore. Not with me at least.


Why do old people die ? When they do, why is it so acceptable? At times I wonder , do I want to age? Do I want to grow up to an extent where my living or dying is the same for everyone?

I have dreams, then again we all do. To see them come true, one MUST live.