Thursday, May 24, 2012

For those who care.

365 Days, that is what life has come to. Counting every day as it passes, one realizes at times what a disappointment it has been. 21 years, each having a significant number of 365 or 366 days. That makes for an entire lifetime. 
When a baby is conceived it marks the first sign of expectation. Expectations that will govern life, alter decisions and make one second guess till the death bed is reached. We are expected to be of a particular gender, size,shape,race and color. We need to have a certain personality, certain grades. If by chance you happen to have ' an air about you' you will be labelled as a show off and if not you will just be another loser like millions of other people who seem to be leading aimless lives. Fact is we are ruled by expectations, every second we come across new ideas. Ideas that will frame us trying desperately to impregnate ourselves into the memory of strangers.
One morning you wake up and realize life is not as perfect as you perceived it to be.You spend a lazy day whining about all that isn't right and never will be. The day passes by with the same regrets till another day begins with a different frame of mind.
Truth be told, we try so hard to fit in the pieces that we mess up the entire puzzle. Why are we so curious to know everything, to be perfect. When has perfection made one happy? If nothing falls out of line, if nothing is unexpected then how will we cry or laugh. How will sad movies dampen our eyes or freshly baked chocolate chip cookies brighten our mood?
Predictable is the new boring. Numerous sleepless nights,self reflecting days and you have your self a blank moment. The moment of truth is always blank because we never really can grasp the intensity of what has actually happened in 21 years. From a tiny being we have grown to be so big but from that bigger human we grew to be minute. Smaller hearts, envy, jealousy and hatred are the norm. It is easier to crush people rather than being a pillar. 
Buildings fall every day but now people are falling. Some are too weak to stand and others are too scared to compete. You wish to shake them up, make them realize their worth. But it isn't your place, never was. All you can do is watch the gigantic buildings pile up on ground zero. 
People do not want to be saved. No body wants to know that their decisions were faulty or that they trusted the wrong kind. We all want appreciation, we all want our own mistakes. In such a scenario where do those who care too much stand? They crumble with you, every strike leaves a mark till a point is reached. The point of no return. People move on and time ascertains that.