Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Eyes that see but choose to ignore.

One creation that fully understands what meets the eye. The only creation perhaps that has been blessed with the intelligence of interpreting and comprehending vague memories....absurd pictures...changing scenes.
We see it all, knowing fully well what is happening around us.The word 'Bystander Apathy' makes way into my mind. It is exactly what we do. We see bad things happening around us, people being degraded,insulted...women being tortured and children being abused. We see it all, we despise it all ,yet we IGNORE it all.
We let it happen. Why? because it is not you or me. It is them, who is suffering. They matter not to our self absorbed identities. They scream and yell but we are ignorant. Painfully numb.

Some of  us are not sure if they should intervene, others do not know what to say or how to respond and then there is another group of people which see's it all, yet ignores it. The people arent entirely to blame. If you have been raised in an atmosphere, where you are constantly taught to mind your own business and where you have seen bad things happening to those who stand up,one gives in. Every one is afraid. Afraid for themselves and their families.
The point is that if we do not start raising our voice against such atrosities then who will? Who will make it stop and provide us the protection we all only dream of?

This is only but a silent plea for those eyes that see but choose to ignore.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Day.

Here I am, bored out of my mind. I was about to write something serious but what is the fun in that?

so today I went shopping. I noticed how seriously women take shopping. Standing inside the shoe shop I got pushed not once, not twice but numerous times. Not once did any of the lady turn to see what happened or apologize. There we all were, surrounded by lines and lines of shoes. Shoes with heels... shoes with diamonds... shoes of every colour. The shop was packed with women fighting with the shop keeper to give a little discount or to find their shoes first.

 The funny thing I over heard was...
'Bhai saab thora to discount kerain!! ' 
baji itne kum discount se kya hoga???
nai bhai saab kam se kam tasali to hoti hai k keemat kum karai hai **

 This cracked me up. The woman was arguing over 50 rs perhaps... when she was holding about 3 or 4 pairs of shoes. We try to find little happiness here and a little there.

Next stop was CO. do I love their bedsheets or what?? if it was left to me I might just purchase the entire outlet!! though at that particular moment I was in search of dress pants. No such luck.

Haii. I also had a samoosa in between. it was so good! big and warm and aloo ka! mirchain be thien...reminded me of samoosa chaat! must to have that tom. In my depression due to excessive weight gain I ended up eating more than I have in the past two days.
Now sleep calls to me. I shall be on my way dreaming of a world full of edibles...or eatables as I like it! ;)