Saturday, January 22, 2011


22nd jan 2011.

Here I am, about to write about you just like strangers have done before me. You trick us all, you amuse us and confuse us to an extent where we no longer know what is happening.
I will be posting this soon enough, knowing fully that you will read this sooner or later. Sooner than later, perhaps. You will ask me why, I will not answer. I have no answers.
Strangers and dragonflies are not the same, WE isnt actually a WE. We are entirely different, her and I. though as time passes by, I I becoming a stranger for you?Is that the end result? Is that where we stop?
Will the madness ever make sense to any of us?I wonder if there is another way to all of this. An easy escape without all the tension,hurt,anger,guilt,sadness...after all you are my best friend.

Have you ever loved another person as if they were your own child? may be not.

When I started blogging I had no idea as to what  I will write and even now I dont know why I am writing this. Truth be told, I feel irritated and angry at you. Why must you behave like a child? you say you like me the way I am but you always have a problem with what I dont do. Havent you figured it out by now that this is who I am?
I phase in and out. I think and then I dont. There is no explanation. Not every question has an answer.I know I told you otherwise. I didnt lie then and I do not lie now. It is a mystery but you are smart enough to figure it out on your own.

You worry about things. Today I ask you to let me take care of you,let me be your unkwown guardian. Because the love I have loved you, you wont find it any where else.


Yesterday, taught me a lot of things.
It taught me that people want power.

People want authority.
People will do anything for both.
once they have power and authority, they look for victims.

 It also taught me the perfect recipe for a sucessful event. You take charge,make a team, put all the load on them, make them do all your work,act busy and tense.
End result? everything is done and all you have to do is get dressed and reach the venue on time, that too if and only IF you can manage it.

I also learned how to lie to people on their faces, how to back bite with no regrets, how to back stab my friends and how to take credit for it all.

In short I now know many horrible things...yet I had fun. Now that I am trying to recall, I think I was mainly with one person alone.How irrelevant it all seems at the end. All the anger,frustration,hurt goes away because it no longer matters. Nothing can be done.

Like you say; Let by gones be by gones.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


And every corridor has an end.

We push ourselves to be undefeated, to be victorious, we push ourselves just to be alive. It is after all the survival of the fittest.

Is staying alive, too much to ask for? A man goes to the market for what ever reason and never makes it home. He does not have the chance to bid farewell to all those he has loved or come to love. A smile turns into a frown, a frown rapidly dissolving into nothing. The nothingness of it all coexisting with everything that can happen.Twisted minds see us every day, they plot and plan. When we fail, it is they who suceed. Behind every murder is the mind of a human, our minds. Here, we sit switching channels till we find the dreadful news. The horrors of being alive, being powerful, the horrors of being alive and powerful.
We step out of our house feeling secure, after all we know everyone,our people. Truth is, we do not even know ourselves. The lengths a person is willing to go for a life like yours. We want fame,money,power,love,happiness. We want it all and we put everything at stake till we are satisfied.

Then one day we go out, leaving our house with the same sense of security and completeness. We get shot by one of our own,our people. We never make it back. Never did it occur to us; in their shoes we shall stand in future.
Perhaps, being alive is too much to ask for.