Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Of love and heart break.

 One plus one ; two. Two run around in circles. Couples are made in heaven. So keeping that in mind this should technically be heavenly. The wait for some thing better is still there.SO here goes.

She sits alone in a dark room, her face turned towards the light purple wall that smells of fresh paint. One, two, three, four. Four corners of the roof. Then there must be four pillars supporting the magnificent structure that lay above her.
Swoosh. The wind moves the pale grey green curtains. Her body receives the message and tiny goose bumps appear all over her skin just like several tiny stones in a pond. A chill runs down her spine as she lets her hair loose. It has been days. The dark circles beneath her eyes, the missing kajol. She walks towards the drawer, rummages through it, locating the single item of immense interest. Holding it high she slides it slowly making soft contact with her lips. First down and then up. The lipstick bleeds along her lip margins. She smiles but never has red been so dull, so black.  The girl in the mirror represents such a repulsive,hopeless human. Feeling disgusted she turns away and gets under the safety of her bed cover. Tick Tock. sshhrhh.thunder. swoosh. rain. turn. swoosh. slam. honk honk. croaks. creeks. more turning.
She sees it all. Why they ever chose to be weak and slit themselves open to relieve pain. Why they chose drugs over reality. It all makes sense. DHUZ. The slamming door shakes her up. How did she become this. How did the colors fade from her beautiful face.
Some how during these thoughts she falls asleep with damp eyes and a broken heart.

For all lovers; there is not a heart that hasn't been broken. there's not a love that hasn't been loved. and there isn't a low that has been the lowest.

Today, we put red lipstick for you, my love. You are beautiful. Even after the lows you have hit you still pull through. Your strength rekindles in me the belief I once had in myself.