Thursday, October 6, 2011

All lost in wain.

At times you expect the best in people. Its not because you were told to. Your mommy also said dont trust strangers. You let yourself fall for the undeniable charm that keeps on pulling you to itself. Gathering around you, it eventually tries to choke you.

Time gets the best of us.The clock is the villain, being as inconsiderate as humanly possible it ticks faster and faster as days fly by unnoticed. You go with the flow till one day things change, circumstances change. You wake up from your dream, its like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife. 

The truth is there right infront of your eyes  just like before. You chose to look away then and want to look away now. This time however you know that even if you do look away, you will keep on looking back. There is no way out. Where is my getaway?

This is for the same reason why you become more social every day, trying to keep busy , putting a happy face. The daylight washes away all the happiness and content with it. Sealed from the rest of the world you are not ordinary. You are a butterfly, you are special. They dont see it but mostly neither do you.
This is why you upload photographs and caption  them with because* . You know it doesnt make things fancier but you do it.

And he said to her; its only words and words are all I have. What if you stop believing those words? what really happens when you are ready to question your own future, your decisions which you KNOW to be your everything? 

What happens when you start to see right through your drama, your own facade. What if you are breaking apart all over again but the world doesnt see it, yet.


Magdalena said...

I lost track of what this is about. But it made me sad.

Shady. said...

It seems we all have an ocean of problems to dwell within.

Magdalena said...

Yes we do

S.H. said...

With reference to the last lines, Nobody sees or appreciates the end of the caterpillar, but everyone marvels when it morphs into a butterfly and dazzles them with its elegance and beauty.
:) It's not the end of the road, merely a bend....

Shady. said...

I hope you are right S.H.
At times, life seems a bit too harsh but guess no one promised to hand over everything on a plate :(

F. said...

You should still be blogging, Shady.

Shady. said...

At times writing does not provide the relief one is in search of :)

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