Monday, September 19, 2011


Where have all good men gone and where are all the gods?
 Humming happily, I am holding out for a hero to save me from study fright. Severe case of procrastination. As exams draw nearer all I seem in the mood of is watching 90210, vampire diaries, the lying game, pretty little liars...the list goes on. I dont mind watching anything as long as its not course books!

tera kya hoga kaaliya???
chellooz do you see how screwed we are? NO SHIT.
To top it all she needed a superman, what happened to us? how did we settle for what ever came our way? DISAPPROVAL.

The really neat paper sheets have made their way from the table to the floor, the curtains are aimlessly dancing about yet never leaving their place. When was the last time we tango-ed? oh we never did. Just like the iphone incident.

Perhaps at this point it really doesnt matter if you deserve it or not, what matters is if you can afford it.
Die bitches.

Disclaimer: whats with the swearing business anyway? piss off.