Friday, May 20, 2011


Here I am, at cross roads yet again. What I don't understand is the hurt and the pain that is pretty much there ever since you went away. Lost in the sands of time,I lost what was once mine. They say age makes it easier for us but experience tells me age makes every emotion bigger and stronger. I prefer a childs innocence,Forgetfullness and ignorance. Over my magnified awareness. How aware I am of your absence is something that has amazed me as well.its not a mystery but its a surprise. The watery layer always covers the eyes when I mention your name. Perhaps they really,trully are a window to ones mind. I didn't think it was fair but as time passes by,I feel it was important to always remember you.
When great people are not appreciated in their life,then it only makes sense to remember them forever. Two plus two should not always be four.