Sunday, October 17, 2010


As students, it is a great pleasure, to feel these things and know what it feels like to be tortured. It is what, I refer to as 'THE SLOW KILL'.


1) We whine all year about our prof,how the questions are out of course or that no one ever taught us any of this.

2) As the year goes on,month after month, we repeatedly count the days to prof and get scared.

3) We avoid studying throughout the year.Eventually we have to hit the books,right?

4) We fight for a longer prep leave,why ofcourse we have the whole syllabus to cover in a month!

5) So our prep leave starts.
  •      DAY 1 we sleep,we need to be fresh to start.
  •      DAY 2, we stream all our favourite movies and series,must not be distracted while studying.
  •      DAY 3, we have to meet all our friends,its been so long!
  •      DAY 4,DAY 5,DAY 6......

6) A week before the prof we realise,OH DAMN,prof in a week! havent opened the books yet!

7) We cram as much knowledge as possible,we mix facts,form assumptions,hence, mentally we write our own books,strictly copyright.

8) Day of judgement, so here comes the one knows what it is ,after all its not private,its universal,its on the freaking net! we run here and there, till we find out if we have passed or not.

9) One of the following scenario follows,
  • We pass,we jump around hugging each other and scream and yell convincing people:  YES WE ARE  MAD,HELL WE ARE MEDICAL STUDENTS.

  •   We dont pass, we feel ashamed and cry.Then we hear the shouting and yelling.curse silently.Try to kill the NERDS* with narrowed gazes.Crap.That doesnt work,now does it?

Why am I being such a drama?Well,I have exams in a week.What do I know?

They tell us about patient trust,talk about peer pressure.


Magdalena said...

You really made me laugh on this one.
You start off which such melancholic blogs and then here comes the twist.
I like the post, it is awfully hilarious and true!
Especially where you say "strictly copyright"

Shady. said...

chalo, I am glad.(feeling less messed up now:P)

Magdalena said...

Hahaha. This POST. completely makes me laugh and the pichur just increases its sense of humour.

Shady. said...

It reminds of Pharma is scary! :P

Ubaid said...

hahahaha this is awesomely hilarious

and its not only with medical students yeh sab ka haal hai :P

Shady. said...

true but prof is non-stop torture.Be glad u dont have to go through all of this! :( pray for me!

Ubaid said...

Inshallah you'll do good

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