Saturday, October 16, 2010


Hers or mine?

Fourteen days of June. Lots of love. Memories and moments, all coming to an end. Dreams dreamt in  weeks and months, hope fading away. A sad end to perfection.

Perfect. That’s what she and you were. That’s what you imply.

Yes. So perfect. Fourteen days of April. Days forming a permanent stain on my brain. A stain of memories, compromise, internal fights and so much more.

Life changed so much after that. Things said and done because you matter so much. More than u will ever know or I will show. That’s just me, if I tell you the feeling will go away. Hide in a corner where it can not be found. So here I am today. Ouch.

That’s what 6th of august 2010 is about. The day you let her overshadow me. Unconsciously. I wish it was otherwise.

Fourteen days of April and many days after. All stand forgotten and seem so small in front of her.
I am not fighting.


Magdalena said...

How is it, I've never come across you before.
I think you write beautifully and you must continue.
I urge you to it!

Shady. said...

you are generous ;)

Magdalena said...

Um not when it comes down to writing styles = )

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