Sunday, October 17, 2010


In that one moment she had decided her fate.It wasn't hours or days,just a few seconds.She looked up at the sky,the sun rays burned against her eyes but she didn't blink.When she did, it wasnt because of the heat but the tears that ran down her face.She did not know what she wanted from all of this.
Did she want him to stay and love her back.or was it time that she denied herself that emotion and moved on.why was it so hard?There she was.At crossroads.she was lost.which way was the right one?

she spotted a little coffe shop by the corner and walked towards the sky was dark and cloudy,like her mood,gloomy.As she sipped her coffee she saw Medusa walk in.she didnt blink for another moment...her face turned white.oh how much she dispised had she even considered to come between him and her? That one move had destroyed them.him and her.
Werent they exclusive?but then what?all the love..all the memories, washed away.We never realize how strong our relationship is, till its really, trully je0pardised.
it was a matter of a few months.a few slow months. How little things had moved in and destroyed what was meant to be eternal.
But now it would never be.
What about that girl, sitting in the coffee shop. She had never loved before and now she never will. The one person she had allowed herself to love had evaded her. Now, whatever she said to anyone or to herself,changed nothing.He left. He didnt care, he was, why the resentment?

If a person has caused enough hurt to wipe off the smile on ur face,that too just by corrupting your thoughts,then clearly they have hurt you enough. They have broken YOU,the one part which deemed to be spared.


Magdalena said...

When someone leaves, you just have to wait for them to come back. If there was anything, they come back.

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